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Birmingham iPhone Repair Cost

David rang us up today looking for the Birmingham iPhone repair cost for his iPhone X screen. Apparently he had dropped it while riding his bike through the downtown area. Not please with the result of the drop, he began looking for a repair service that could do the job. A screen replacement for his iPhone X was needed.

After a brief online search for the iPhone repair cost, he stumbled upon iRepairRoyalOak. Pleased with the website and online reviews, David decided to give us a call. We set up an appointment with him later that afternoon.

iPhone X Screen Replacement

In under 30 minutes, we had David’s iPhone X looking like new again. We were able to meet him at his office and do the repair right in front of him. He was delighted that we fixed his phone and thrilled he was able to check out what the inside looks like. If you or anyone you knows is in need of an iPhone screen replacement in Birmingham, have them give us a call.